New Russian Holmes




Many Sherlock Holmes fans may be familiar with the Lenfilm productions from the 80’s (considered to be one of the best adaptations of the original stories), but have you heard of the new series from 2013? It’s a completely new take on the stories and the universe they take place in. 

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+ if you want to see Moriarty in his full glory, who definitely earned all his evil titles and is truly the king of the criminal world - this is for you
+ if you want to see all kinds of amazing side characters - this is for you
+ if you want to follow complex cases and enjoy nods to canon, other Holmes and even real life - dis is for you




Animation of my very favorite BBC Radio Sherlock Holmes play, “The Lion’s Mane.”

I could go on for hours about why it’s so great - part of me thinks you have to have loved Holmes and hunted down trivia tidbits and developed a great anger at the “stupid Watson” school of thought to really enjoy it.

But it’s really good just as a stand alone, two-person radio play of two very, very old friends talking about stuff.

Oh god, perfect.



have you read that fic for the canon!verse, where Holmes seemingly didn’t survive the adventure with Reichenbach and all later works were Watson’s fiction but also he discovered as time passed that he is immortal, so he lives in XXI century, is watching BBC Sherlock and muses in his dairy about his love for Holmes and how he misses him

have you head it?

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That sounds amazing! If you find a link, please do share!

Sure thing

also this one for Alex (Ritchieverse, "Mary masturbates to a fantasy of Holmes and Watson making love together.")

and one of my favourites: serious take on victorianverse mpreg (30+ parts here ,it’s easier to read on dreamwidth)