fact: russian adaptions of sherlock holmes are woefully under-appreciated 

How many Russian adaptations are there? (I’m only aware of two-the soviet Holmes that apparently tops all others and the new one) if there are more could you list them?

Overall there are six adaptations, if I remember correctly. The new one, the Soviet one, then there’s a play called The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Blue Carbuncle, My Dearly Beloved Detective which we are going to sub, and a short cartoon with Holmes voiced over by Livanov. I think I should also include other two cartoons, The Murder of Lord Waterbrook and a mini-series that we are subbing now and having troubles translating the title without being accused of racism. I watched all of it

The Hound of the Baskervilles is a really boring play and I wrote a fun review to save your time

The Blue Carbuncle is a musical high on acid and I wrote a review on it as well

My Dearly Beloved Detective is a cross-gender adaptation, it is really great and that’s why we are going to sub it, so I shall not write any spoilers for that (even tho I wrote a review on it as well)

The cartoon with Livanov, high on acid too and lacks English subtitles

The Murder of Lord Waterbrook - hilarious cartoon that came out in 2005, finally with English subtitles

And the cartoon from the same developer above that has 6 episodes 6 minutes each is currently in process, same fun, believe us. 


New Russian Holmes




Many Sherlock Holmes fans may be familiar with the Lenfilm productions from the 80’s (considered to be one of the best adaptations of the original stories), but have you heard of the new series from 2013? It’s a completely new take on the stories and the universe they take place in. 

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+ if you want to see Moriarty in his full glory, who definitely earned all his evil titles and is truly the king of the criminal world - this is for you
+ if you want to see all kinds of amazing side characters - this is for you
+ if you want to follow complex cases and enjoy nods to canon, other Holmes and even real life - dis is for you