theneuroticcaptain asked:

Martin and Arthur are both early risers, so they do a lot of their chores first thing in the morning, after a good cuddle in bed, of course. They do the dishes together (Martin washes, Arthur dries), the laundry (Martin does the washing, and Arthur folds), and they do the dusting while they play a word game of some sort (which takes the whole time, since neither are very good at them). And they can spend the rest of the day lazing if they don't have a flight, reading and watching documentaries.

aaaw! and actually Arthur would make Martin read for him, because he loves the sound of his voice, even if it is only a paper or the manuals, or the comics, they can also go for a walk or pay a visit to Carolyn and take the Snoopadoop out…

thehappygnome asked:

Skipthur headcanon: While Martin is pretending to wait for the results of his interview, over the next few weeks Arthur does little things to show how much Martin is appreciated in the company such as trying harder with his coffee, complimenting his improved landings and take-offs and buying him a snazzy new scarf (crazily patterned, of course!)

aaaaw but it nay have a sad side too because Martin would see Arthur trying so hard that he’ll feel bad and guilty about trying to leave MJN in the first place andnowi’vemademyselfsad