Out of the Blue (Part 5)


First of all, sorry for the delay. cafe-mediano and I were very busy this week… :(

Last part, finally! With some extra pages :)
As always, script by Cafe-chan and translation thanks to mybrotherthinksiminsane
Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this doujin, even more if you liked or reblogged it. It was something we did just for fun to share with our friends but it was fun to upload it here too!

This is oficially the first time cafe-mediano and I finish a project together, I hope it won’t be the last! hahaha

THIS IS NSFW. This last part contains some bad language, angry/rude sex, so if you don’t like that things or you feel that is very OOC… you’re warned!

(I don’t want to draw the kids arguing anymore, from now on I’ll only draw fluffy makoharus T3T)

First part.
Second part.
Third part.
Fourth part.


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Out of the Blue (part 1)


Well, have I told you that cafe-mediano and I started a Makoharu doujin since… well, since before the final chapter of the series? Go figure. 
This took ages but finally I finished the inks of this 33 pages, so I’m going to upload it on parts. Stay tuned!
I warn you that this is not your usual sweet Makoto, here we have a jealousy story with nsfw scenes in the next parts. I hope you like it!

Thanks to mybrotherthinksiminsane for the perfect translation :D

Second part
Third part
Fourth part.
Fifth part.

image(more under the cut)

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